Updates/Information 07.17.2019

We are attaching an additional campus map to assist you with travel to the UMASS campus:

If you are staying off campus, parking passes are available at the summer institute registration check-in table.

Residential Hall Update:

  • Parking passes will be available at the residential halls when you check-in (please make sure you ask for one, if you need one).
  • You will receive a key card for access to the building, elevator, and dorm room.
  • A physical key will allow you to enter your individual room. Residential hall key cards will have your name.
  • Room numbers are not included as a security measure.
  • Please make sure you write down your room number and store your keeps in a safe place where you will not loose them.
  • Wi-Fi network connection information is printed on the program. If you are staying in the residential hall, Wi-Fi information will be provided to you via an MALCS email. Please check your email.

Taking an Uber, Lyft, Taxi or need an address for GPS purposes?
North Residential Area Building C Address:
54 Eastman Lane, Amherst

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