Transportation/Carpool Message Board

Post here to find a ride or coordinate transportation with fellow conference goers.

8 thoughts on “Transportation/Carpool Message Board

  1. Hi, I am interested in staying on campus, single or shared situation, is there any space available?

  2. Hello I have a reservation at the Santa Claran Hotel for August 1st and 2nd. The room has two queen size beds, let me know if you are interested in splitting the costs at $77 a night!

    • Hi! My friend Victoria and I are looking for a place to stay. I think she might have sent you an email, but is it still available?

  3. Hello! Is anyone interested in coordinating transportation from the Santa Claran Hotel/Espanola to the Conference and back on Wednesday (July 30th)? We can work out times…

    • There will be shuttle services available from the Santa Claran to the El Rito Campus Daily. You can purchase a pass for $30.00 per pass – Good for the entire Conference.

  4. Good to Go Taxi is available for transportation:) Please call ahead of time to make a reservation for the days that work for you, We would prefer to make trips to and from Santa Fe, NM and Espanola, NM to El Rito, NM in van loads up to 6 passengers. We are also available for return trips to your destination of choice. Please call our office for more details, #505-753-0022.

  5. Good to Go Taxi, I should of mentioned at this time we are only taking cash. But all of the details can be arraigned during your reservation call. Thank you, Eleanor

  6. I would like to go to the conference on Thursday from Santa Fe. Is there anybody driving through and can pick me up? I can help with gas and would like to be there for the beginning.

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