Preparing for MALCS at El Rito

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Preparing for the MALCS Institute at The NNMC El Rito Campus:

The MALCS Institute at NNMC is sure to be an unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful historic campus! First and foremost to preparing for your experience is to remember that El Rito is a small, rural community. Many of the amenities that you may consider “common” might not be so common in our villages. It is best to come prepared with any creature comforts that you may need (favorite snacks, bug spray, etc.).

  • •Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided as part of your meal plan. A Coffee Bar and a Snack Bar will be made available to you on a cash only basis. There is no ATM located at NNMC El Rito Campus or in El Rito. Please come prepared with cash and change.
  • Also, the cafeteria meal plan is the most reliable source of food; if you have not purchased your meal plan yet, please contact Amy Peña at (505) 747-­‐2140. This will help us have an accurate food count.
  • Other than the cafeteria, there will be food trucks with vegetarian/vegan and Mexican food available during the daytime hours. Please note that there is one small restaurant, El Farolito that accommodates about 10 people at a time. After that the nearest restaurant is approximately 15 miles away. (Rural, remember the word while planning.)
  • Summer temperatures range from 60s (evening) to 95 (day) degrees. BRING SUNSCREEN! And it wouldn’t hurt to bring, or purchase, a water bottle as well.
  • If you are sensitive to bug bites, we recommend bringing an insect repellent of your choice. Mosquitos are the biggest menace, but you might encounter some of our other beautiful insects. (We have some spectacular dragonflies and fire flies!)
  • Due to the rural nature of the campus, it is possible to encounter garden snakes, toads, lizards, skunks, etc. In the unlikely case you meet up with them, please admire our little brothers and sisters from afar and do not feed them. For those of you staying in the dorms, our local coyotes are busy preparing their evening chorus for you. Please do not worry when you hear them take the stage before bed.
  • There are many wonderful trails and hikes you can take near the El Rito Campus. You may want to pack some hiking attire for these activities such as: sturdy walking shoes, a hat, rain gear, and durable pants.
  • There is a non-­‐emergency medical clinic in El Rito (El Rito Clinic (575) 581-­‐4728) and a hospital with ambulance service in Española, approximately 35 miles away. If you have any medical concerns, please consult your physician before attending. Please be sure to bring along any medications you may need in an amount sufficient for your stay. The Ambassador Tiendita will sell common painkillers and stomach relief medication.
  • El Rito is considered high altitude (6,875 ft.). The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated and to listen to your body cues in regards to fatigue. Rest and take it slow as you acclimate to our high desert mountains!
  • Cell phone service is inconsistent in northern New Mexico, and your cell phone may roam. However, there are landlines in the College offices from 8-­5 each day.
  • Wi-­‐Fi is available across the NNMC EL Rito Campus.
  • The El Rito Campus really highlights the natural beauty of northern New Mexico; we encourage you to bring your camera or your sketchbook!
  • We have been experiencing our monsoon season which means rain and cool afternoons.
  • Bring a light jacket/sweatshirt, umbrella, and appropriate footwear.
  • Lastly, you might want to bring a light blanket or a beach towel. The El Rito Campus boasts many lawns for relaxing, visiting with friends, impromptu picnics, or maybe even some morning yoga!


  • The campus has 24/7 security; valuables such as laptops should be safe. Each room has a private lock and no one will enter your room without your express permission.
  • Linens, including towels, are provided. However, we recommend your bringing a bath towel for your comfort.
  • If you are staying at the dorms, housekeeping services are not provided; please maintain your own living space. A list of campus numbers (security, housing, etc.) will be provided in your room.
  • NNMC is a dry and smoke-­‐free campus; drinking of alcohol/smoking of cigarettes (including E-­‐cigarettes) is prohibited on campus.


  • The AV set up for each presentation room is a PC laptop, a LCD projector, and speakers. We have done our best to accommodate all requests for AV.
  • We will not be providing PA systems or mikes in session rooms, only in the auditorium and one large presentation room. If you requested a mike/PA for your session, please take note.
  • If you will be showing a video or have other audio/visual concerns, please contact Brian Salter, IT Services at (505) 747-­2139.
  • There will be a contact number for IT Support in every presentation room throughout the conference.


¡Nos vemos pronto! We’ll see you soon!