The 2017 MALCS Summer Institute will host a vendor room in 2065 Stevenson Hall from 9am to 5pm July 20-23.  We will feature the following vendors:

  • MALCS and MALCSWear
  • Soldadera: I create and sell jewelry, tees and various accessories. I explore my Xicana and Puerto Rican identity and weave my politics into the items I create.
  • Chicana Apparel: Chicana Apparel mission is to promote Chicana and Mexican culture through fashion in communities of color. Our clothing line is handmade. We design and produce almost all of our products in a family environment.
  • Nallgona Positive Pride
  • Discos Resaca: We are a bay area based co-op record label, operating as a collective of musicians/musical archeologists who promote cultural pride and awareness through our original compositions and historical music shared through our collections.

Thank you to all of our vendors for participating.